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News & Features

  • Final Fantasy XIV - FFXIV Crafting Bot Feature: • Built-in Recipe list
    • Easy to use Crafting process
    • Fast and Easy Setup to start Crafting
    • Crafting in FFXIV while you work, school, watch TV!
    • Power level Crafting to 50 in no time!

  • Feature coming to Final Fantasy XIV - FFXIV Crafting Bot soon: • Automatically Sell Crafted Items
    • Honey Do - Craft List
    • Use Support NPC while Crafting
    • Surf/Email/YouTube while Crafting Bot do it's magic!
    • Many More :)

Feedback & Reviews

  • I finally downloaded the new version that you linked last night. it's so far working like a charm!! I love it. I can not wait until you upload new. versions with new options. is this bot detectable? I know common sense is a must. I just find how it's amazingly finds all the ingredients. I am grinding armorer atm first then BS. Only thing I do now is go shopping for materials and most shards is the most problematic. 7500 earth shards can disappear so fast! But I can not say more how much I love your bot. Can not wait for farm bot :)


    First off great job, easy to use, easy instructions , I do have a life and this saves me a lot of time, the wife is happy lol. I went ahead and paid for a 3 month subscription but when I relogin its still saying trial, im' sure its something on my end, any idea? Only suggestion would if be to find a way to use any buffs once they become available i.e Makers Muse/ Fulfillment, just to keep the breaks down, either way great product.


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